National Engineering Technology Research Center of multimedia software (National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software, referred to as NERCMS) in February 1996 approved the establishment, is the technical field of multimedia software, the first national research institutions, mainly engaged in the research of video encoding technology, common multimedia digital security technology and multimedia data analysis technology application and engineering technology. In AVS launched the national audio and video compression standards working group, Ministry of public security is the core standard drafting one of the units, the national public security system the first video detecting system reform pilot units (Wuhan City Public Security Bureau video reconnaissance detachment) of the core technical support unit.

From 2011 to 2015 years, the center shared a total of 76 national projects, 48 horizontal projects, the total research funding of about 72000000 yuan. Hosted and participated in the formulation of international / national standard 3, authorized more than 110 patents. The completion of the national science and technology major projects, 973 projects, 863 projects (2), since the project is the focus of the Fund (2), the Ministry of public security key science and technology program (2), Hubei provincial key projects and a number of national level provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological research and engineering construction projects, won the 5 provincial and ministerial awards.

It is also the center of Ministry of Education Research Laboratory of multimedia software and Open Multimedia Network Communication Engineering Key Laboratory of Hubei Province, with a total value of about 20000000 vowel video encoding test lab and complicated scene simulation platform, mobile communication simulation platform, Networking experimental platform, big data analysis software, software testing platform and other specialized equipment and experimental system, and ClearView video quality analyzer and ACE MX-MIMO broadband wireless channel simulator, MTC8200 base station simulator of 100 sets of test equipment and system for social security, multimedia data analysis provide the basis for security equipment. With AVS encoding and decoding verification software, code stream test platform and other test systems, for the multimedia data to provide a sound and comprehensive test conditions. The independent development of video surveillance system has a criminal investigation, video covering the whole business process, can provide a virtual event simulation environment for social security and complex event prediction.