Prof. Huang Zhisheng from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam came to the Computer School for academic exchange

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On October 14, 2016, Prof. Huang Zhisheng, from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, came to the School of Computer for academic exchange.


Prof. Huang gave a lecture entitled "Semantic Technology in the Big Data Age". The report covers the massive semantic data processing platform for large data environment and its application in smart city and large medical data. Professor Huang pointed out that at present we are in a large data age, and large data for the establishment of a smart city to provide a rich data environment. At the same time, the intelligent city technology needs the large data processing and knowledge service support for the World Wide Web, and semantic technology provides the effective technical means for the massive data processing and its knowledge management and processing. Professor Huang elaborated on the practical examples of Semantic Technology-based Beijing Smart City System and Semantic Technology-based Antimicrobial Rational Drug Administration System. The methods of knowledge analysis and processing of large data using semantic technology were introduced in detail.


        Through this report, we have a semantic technology in the role of large data environment has a profound understanding. In the free communication phase, a teacher who asked for semantic analysis asked how the semantic logical language proposed by Prof. Huang's group was unique to the existing programming languages. Professor Huang believes that this language based on semantic logic can be achieved through the triad of human language semantic logic of effective expression, is the semantic understanding of the World Wide Web data processing applications such as effective support technology, the expression of this language Simple and clear, easy to understand, suitable for human understanding and use, but also to facilitate direct programming language processing and applications. At the same time Professor Huang also on semantic analysis, semantic understanding of the application and other hot issues of concern to explain.


Prof. Huang's patience to explain, so that we have a large data environment, the application of the semantic network has a profound understanding of the academic research has played a positive role in promoting.