The entries "Software-based Radio cable fault detection system" won the 10th National Graduate Electronic Design Contest first prize.

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From August 11 to August 14, 2015, "Huawei Cup" the 10th National Graduate Electronic Design Contest National Finals, jointly organized by The Education Ministry Degree and Graduate Education Development Center, The National Engineering Graduate Education and Guidance Committee and The Chinese Institute of Electronics, was held in Hangzhou Zhejiang future science and technology city. This contest is one of the top five major events for national Graduate Students approved by the Ministry of Education.

780 teams from 136 graduate education institutions and research institutes participated in this competition. After the online trial, only 200 teams entered the finals.

The entries "software-based radio cable fault detection system", submitted by three graduate students Sui Wu, Avatar Huang, Heng Zhang (instructor Rong Zhu), from National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software (Wuhan University), eventually won the first prize in the National Finals. They stand out in the works display, oral defense and other highly competitive filed. At the same time, the instructor Zhu Rong won the "Excellent Instructor" and Sui Wu won the "individual second prize".

The entries "Based on Software Radio cable fault detection system", through the use of frequency domain reflectometry principle, inverses time domain reflectometry parameter and implements the continuous measurement of the cable along the reflection loss. Compared with traditional time domain reflectometry method, the testing of the system gains fast response, far detection distance and high positioning accuracy. Also it does not interfere with normal business cable, and enable cable on-line monitoring, multi-branch multi-fault location, cable fault warning, remote telemetry and other functions. It has broad application prospects in telecommunications, electricity, railways, urban rail transportation and other fields. The show drew attention to a number of business representatives.